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  • Our games

    Stop The Train

    Hit The Silk

    Tabletop Simulator

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    Stop the Train!

    Stop the Train! soundtrack (58.1mb)
    40 minute soundtrack to accompany the gameplay. Download or stream this MP3 file made by Oli Harrison.

    Game Play Guide (1.9mb)
    Download the latest version of the gameplay guide with the correction on page 8 and some rule clarifications.

    Page 8 sticker update (190kb)
    Corrective sticker for a rulebook print error. Details on how to correct this in this KS update.

    Character Bios (1.7mb)
    Download the back stories of the characters on the train in our 4 page PDF.

    Italian Translation (204kb)
    A community led translation of Stop the Train manual and cards into Italian language.

    Game Play Video
    Game play video (as used in our Kickstarter campaign) showing an overview of Game Play.

    Tutorial Video
    This is the first of five bitesize video (all around 3-4 minutes long) which introduce how to play Stop the Train! for the first time.

    Board Game Geek
    Link to our boardgamegeek listing.

    Hit the Silk!

    Game Play Guide (333kb)
    Draft version of Hit the Silk! gameplay guide released with our Kickstarter campaign.

    The Back Story (121kb)
    How did you end up fighting over parachutes at 19,000ft altitude? Read the narrative here.

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